Osprey Inn Bed and Breakfast

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This Frequently Asked Question section will answer questions you may have, regarding your stay at the Osprey Inn Bed and Breakfast.

What is a bed & breakfast?
Simply put, a bed and breakfast is a lodging option that provides the comfort of staying in a family home, but with your own private room. Daily breakfast is also included in your stay. The Osprey Inn has five rooms, providing a very personable and/or private getaway for guests.

Why stay at a bed & breakfast?
A guest receives more attentive and personalized service, and the opportunity for a more unique experience, than during the average hotel stay. There are only a handful of guests at a bed and breakfast, allowing for a much more personal experience. At the Osprey Inn, the concierge is the owner, who is invested in making sure you have a great stay.

How do I Make a reservation?

Please contact us at 208-689-9502 and provide the date(s) of your stay and which room you desire to stay in. This provides you the opportunity to hear the level of professionalism and hospitality we provide.


What about pets, children, and smoking?

Osprey Inn is a pet-free facility. If you have your pet with you during your travels, we will be glad to provide you with references for kennels in Coeur d’Alene or St. Maries.

We provide the type of environment that lends itself to adults, but we welcome well-behaved children. All but one room is designed for two guests, but the Aerie does have two beds and can accommodate more. If you are traveling with your adult children, we recommend they have their own room.

We do not allow smoking indoors; alternatively, we do provide an outdoor smoking area.

What is included during my stay?

The Osprey Inn offers three breakfast options: a delicious sit-down breakfast at 8:00 am for guests with early morning plans, a continental breakfast available from 6:00 to 8:00 am, or a grab-and-go boxed breakfast for those who prefer to take something on the run. Just let us know your desire the night before and it will be ready for you.

All rooms offer private bathrooms with showers stocked with custom-made soaps, shampoo, and conditioner; luxurious bedding/linens; pillow top king or queen-sized mattresses; and ample closet space. Also available on premises is a 24-hour snack area, afternoon social hour, reservation services, heat and central air conditioning, and internet/office access. Our standard conveniences also include access to the library, TV/DVD, and ample parking.

Will I still have my privacy?
You can be as social or as private as you choose during your stay. The choice to converse and interact with other guests or your hosts is totally up to you.

Where do the owners sleep?
The Osprey Inn's guest rooms are located on the second floor. The owners’ private quarters are located on the first floor away from the common area. This results in privacy for all.

What do I need an innkeeper for?

The proprietors are your local travel professionals, happy to give recommendations and provide other reservation services.

Do you provide for special dietary needs?

Most of the time, special dietary needs can be met. Advise us of any special requests or requirements ahead of time. 

Are there Rules?
Osprey Inn has one rule - “RESPECT.” Following it is not difficult; just treat our bed and breakfast exactly the way you would like guests in your own home to treat your house. If an accident does occur during your stay, please inform the hosts as soon as possible.